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Preserved Flowers vs. Dried Flowers vs. Silk Flowers

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Preserved Flowers vs. Dried Flowers vs. Silk FlowersPreserved Flowers

All preserved flowers are real flowers. These flowers undergo a complicated preservation process performed by professional florists to keep their freshness and make their life span longer than usual. If you don’t want to use silks in arranging long-lasting flowers, then flower preservation is for you. The techniques used in preservation allow the flowers in maintaining an appearance and feel that is natural; it’s as if these flowers were freshly cut from your garden.

The preservation process starts by cutting fresh flowers when they are most beautiful and radiant. Without the preservation process, these flowers will eventually die. But preserved flowers undergo a rehydration process; a mixture of glycerine and other plant elements will do the trick. The said liquid mixture will eventually rise through the stem until it completely replace the sap. It will take just a few days and your fresh, natural flower will be called preserved flower.

Basically, the main goal is to prolong the flowers’ life. You can identify a preserved flowered easily because of its natural texture; that’s the characteristic an artificial flower lacks. Artifical flowers are man-made fake flowers.

Because of its long life span and natural beauty, preserved flowers are mostly used as table centerpieces, wedding decors, home ornaments, and may others.

Dried Flowers

Just like preserved flowers, dried flowers can also last for many years. The only disadvantage is that dried flowers do not look as natural, fresh, and soft as preserved flowers. You don’t have to be a professional florist to distinguish a preserved flower from a dried flower; just touch the petals or leaves and you can simply tell which one is preserved and which one is dried.

Silk Flowers

Did you know that artificial flowers are also called silk flowers? It is because more than a hundred years ago, people sewed artificial flowers using silk materials. For those who don’t know, silk is a material which is made into smooth fine cloths and sewing threads.

Of all the three mentioned types of long-lasting flowers, preserved flowers seem to be the most practical choice. With just minimal care, you may rest assured that you can enjoy your preserved flower for a long, long time. Aside from using them as ornaments, preserved flowers are also perfect gifts for your mother, partner in life, and/or friends. If you are looking for that online gift shop in Dubai offering the best preserved flowers, just click the link. We are offering a wide array of online gifts Dubai residents prefer.

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