November 30, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Soon-to-be Lawyer Friend

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When I was in grade school, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But the small circle of friends I had was the best team I ever needed to enjoy the young student life. I still get in touch with them until now even though we went on our separate ways after graduating from elementary. We’re still intact, I must say, especially Paola and I. I never admitted it to anyone, even to myself – that Paola is my favorite among the five girls I used to hang-out with almost every day years ago. She was the sweetest. She always invited me to come over her house to play with her collection of Barbie dolls, sometimes we ride her bike on her neighborhood, sometimes we just lie on her bed listening to her mixed tapes. I envied her. In my mind, I questioned why she had almost everything. I came to my senses years later that the reason why she always invited me was because she was lonely. She is an only child. Her mom works as a lawyer and her dad is an engineer who stays at project sites for long periods of time. For the most part, her only company at home was their maid. Growing up getting very little attention and care from her parents, I admire how she never got angry or even questioned them for the lack of time they were giving her. She was very understanding. She used to tell me that her parents were very hard working because they only want the best for her.

One day, we were hanging out after a few months of not seeing each other. All six of us came. We were in our senior year in high school that time. We were having a good time, until we came to a very serious topic. What would become of us after high school? I was caught off guard when Paola said she wanted to be a lawyer. She didn’t seem the type who would go for such a profession. She said she wanted to learn from her mother and be able to work alongside her in the near future. I was happy for her because she didn’t feel any sort of resentment towards her parents, and despite everything, she was the one who was making a way to stay close with them. This friend whom I’ve always been proud of, this friend, whom I shared almost most of my childhood with, is now paving her own way to work in one of the prestigious uae law firms.

Now, Paola is currently studying and she is eyeing for this specific law firm that she wanted work at. Visit Website I know she can do it. With all the determination she has, I know the dreams that she used to tell me while we were staring at her bedroom’s ceiling will all come true.

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