October 20, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Home Improvement 101: Making Your Home More Alluring

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It is beneficial to renovate or do some improvements in your home, whether you are selling it or you are staying put. Improving the house will make your family happy. If you plan to sell it in the future, your upgrades will increase the resale value.

The spaces in the different areas of the house

Is your house small? If so, there are many tricks you can do to make it appear larger. One is to let go of bulky items in the different areas of the house. Using multifunction pieces can also help you save space. You may use a bed that can transform to a couch, for instance, if you are in a studio-type apartment.  You can also display a lot of mirrors as these create the illusion of added space. Painting using light hues is also a good idea. You should ditch window treatments as they only make the interior of the house appear small.

The flooring and countertop materials

There are many options for the flooring material. There is hardwood which gives the house a classy and timeless appeal. For durability, opt for oak, maple, and cherry. Ceramic tile flooring is also popular because it comes in a wide array of colours and designs. Apart from the floor, you also need to consider the countertop materials, particularly in your kitchen. A specialist from a Corian company in Dubai notes that it is important to choose the right material for your kitchen countertop because it is the busiest area in the house. For your kitchen, you can consider solid surface kitchen counters like Corian, which offers countertops made from durable acrylic. Aside from being durable, this type of countertop is also lovely to look at.

Decors and appliances

Make sure that you pick home decors that match the theme of your home. If you have a modern interior, choose sleek and monochromatic decors. For a countryside look, wooden furniture pieces are a great choice. Here is a reminder, when choosing appliances, you should not only consider the aesthetics, you should also prioritise functionality. Make sure the appliances are energy-efficient. Modern and energy-efficient appliances will not only make your kitchen look sophisticated, but they can also make your work efficient.

You do not have to hire an interior designer to improve the look of your home. Just think of a particular theme or look, and choose the flooring materials, countertops, appliances, decors and wall paint that can help bring out that theme.

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