January 23, 2023


Dubai, UAE

Examining the Pros and Cons of Co-ed and Exclusive School Systems

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The best British curriculum schools in Dubai offer different options when it comes to subjects, facilities, and teaching staff. After all, people have varying opinion and preferences if it concerns their children.


Are you a parent looking for a suitable school for your young children? Do you already have a teenage son or daughter who’s about to go to college in two years? If you and your children have talked about their college courses, plans, and other details, perhaps it’s now time to consider whether you’ll send them to an exclusive or co-educational school.

Exclusive Schools


According to experts in education, boys or girls who go to school exclusively with the same sex can be more focused in their academic performance. Without the distraction of young love, they will spend more time with friends who are also more into school work than budding romance. Teaching styles have different effects on boys and girls. Boys respond more positively to practical approaches of learning, while girls prefer interpersonal or theoretical styles. Keeping them separate and focused in school is thus beneficial for all.


On the other hand, diversity is affected in exclusive schools. While students are mostly focused on academics, they may experience fatigue due to lack of social interactions with the opposite sex. They may also be a little shocked when they graduate and start to interact with people of all genders in an office environment. They may also lack social graces in dealing with friendships with the opposite sex later on.

Co-ed Schools


Because mixed sex schools are more realistic in its male-to-female ratio, one major benefit of staying in co-ed schools is social and interpersonal skills. With diversity even at a young age, your children will be more adept at making friends regardless of gender, and they will be less vulnerable to petty professions of love. The principle of mixing boys with girls in classrooms also attempts to break the traditional gender stereotypes in exclusive schools.


Sending your children to co-ed schools can also have its disadvantages. After all, bullying does happen across the two sexes. Going back to the advantage of exclusive schools, students may find the opposite sex distracting especially if they have love interests at school.

No matter what type of school you send your son or daughter to, the important thing is to engage them with the right values at home. As long as they’re motivated to learn, focused in their studies, and willing to develop their holistic skills in school and beyond, they can work well with fellow students of various genders.

You can check out the nearby schools in your area online through https://arcadia.sch.ae/ or visit them in person to ask about the exclusive or co-ed setups.

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