May 31, 2023

Creating a Flexible Recruitment Strategy

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Recruitment is one of the most important facet of an organization. Bringing in the right kind of people to the team ensures optimum delivery of services to clients and help with achieving business goals.

This is the reason why it is important for human resource personnel to take recruitment strategy seriously. With a flawless recruitment plan, you can be sure that you are procuring talents that best fit your company.

Review your recruitment process

Before you make any plan, be sure to audit your current hiring state and review your recruitment objectives. This is to know whether your pre-existing recruitment process is aligned with your company’s goals. Start with reviewing your recruitment procedure from sourcing to retention.

Pull out the necessary data like hiring efficiency, employee hiring percentage, attrition rate, recruitment calendar and current job description for each position to back your findings. This aspect of planning can be taxing and demanding, but having all the information is essential to hit the mark on recruitment.

Set the standard and benchmark

Once you have the data, you can now start benchmarking and set new goals and processes. You can start by updating your hiring and sourcing procedures. Go back to the data at hand and check on which part of the process you can improve and if necessary, add or remove some steps to simplify the process. You can also add the possible channels and talent acquisition sources you can use for hiring.

This is also the time you can update your profiling and qualifications. Check if the skillsets for each position is relevant. Interview managers and supervisors to know what are skills they are looking for a specific job.  From there, you can formulate the new job descriptions that you can use for recruitment and sourcing and also use the new job descriptions to know if the current staff needs training to update their skills.

Create the calendar


After benchmarking, you can now create your recruitment calendar.  The purpose of a recruitment calendar is to plot out the recruitment within the year. This will serve as a guide to know when an HR personnel should start sourcing candidates, when is the best time to hire for specific positions, and what time of the year should the team advertise for recruitment.It can also help the human resources to know whether they would enlist the help of a short term recruitment agency or opt for a long term partnership with talent consulting firm.

You can include target hiring dates for each position and work backwards from the target dates to plot the necessary actions needed to achieve your hiring objectives.

The recruitment calendar is considered a live file and it is necessary for an HR personnel to update it as frequent as necessary.

Design your marketing strategy for recruitment

A lot of companies treat recruitment as an on-going lead generation campaign. The only difference is, instead of getting clients, you are scouting for applicants. So treat your recruitment as a marketing campaign. Having a marketing professional on your team can be of help since they know the appropriate message to use for all marketing channels.

You can also consult and team up with your marketing team to devise an all-out communications plan to market your job posting and target the right candidates.  You call enlist of your recruitment partners to help you on sourcing applicants. Visit the site of a consulting firm and inquire how they can assist you on your plan.

Remember that there are more one ways to create your calendar. But be open to possibilities and consider other factors that may affect your hiring process. And lastly, be sure to keep in mind your recruitment objectives. By following the set goals, you can always be sure that you are in the right direction.

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