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9 Weird German Words and Their Meanings Explained

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Translation companies in Dubai are fascinated with weird words from different parts of the globe. In fact, we’ve listed down some weird German words and their meanings for your reference.

  1. Kummerspeck

If you find yourself binging on an 18-inch pizza because you failed an exam, you lost a friend or you’re stressed with work, you are feeding your “grief bacon.” This is the excess weight put on by someone because of emotional overeating.

  1. Dreikäsehoch

This word translates to “three cheeses high” in English. However, it has nothing to do with food. Germans use this word to describe or joke about a vertically challenged person, implying he/she is only as tall as three wheels of cheese placed on top of each other. translation companies

  1. Fernweh

This word describes the desire to be someplace else. In English, it can also mean “distance pain,” “home sick,” or “longing to be away.”  Germans usually say this word when they badly want to go on holiday.

  1. Weltschmerz

Have you ever felt so worried about the world because it is not the type of world you wish it is? This word perfectly describes that feeling. Its simplest translation is “world pain.”

  1. Ohrwurm

This word is “ear worm” in English. It’s that moment when you’ve heard a song in the car and you keep on singing it the whole day. It just won’t get out of your head.  You got it. It’s the “last song syndrome.”

  1. Innerer Schweinehund

Also known as “inner pig dog,” this word is that small voice in your head that tells you to just stay at home all day and do nothing even if you have a long list of workload. It tells you not to go to the gym or just skip your next class.

  1. Torschlusspanik

This word is equivalent to “gate closure” in English. It is that that urgency to accomplish certain goals before “it’s all too late” or before a certain gate closes. It’s mostly used by older people who think they need to have a partner or a child immediately because their time is “running out.”

  1. Lebensmüde

This world literally means “suicidal” or “depressed.” Enough said.

  1. Zungenbrecher

This word is the German conversion of “tongue twister,” a group of words that will challenge your pronunciation. One good example is Acht alte Ameisen assen am Abend Ananas.

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