November 30, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Here are 4 Weight Management Solutions that Can Work for You

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With all the food trends and smart marketing schemes in the world today, everything seems to push people to eat more just to feel more. And yet the other side of the coin wants people to be thin to be in. Don’t you just feel pressured from all of that unnecessary idea in your head?

However, health-wise, it’s best to eat well, be well, and thus feel healthy and bright. If you eat food that really nourishes your cells and at the same time makes you happy, isn’t that just amazing? On the other hand, if you have a weight problem, don’t fret because there are available solutions for you. Note, however, that your weight problem may be in varying degrees and you may have to consult health experts for, well, expert opinion.

If you think you have a weight problem and you feel uncomfortable climbing just one flight of stairs, here are four smart solutions that can work for you.

Long-term Diet Planning

Significant change in your diet may be necessary to achieve significant results in weight management. You may have to replace rice with quinoa, or your pasta with couscous, or your soda with lemon water. You don’t need to deprive yourself of food, but you do need to make smarter choices when it comes to what you get your nutrients from.

Regular Exercise

This may seem cliché but exercise does help in regulating your weight. On the other hand, the word regular will largely depend on your goals and current measurements. Thirty minutes of intense workout three to five times a week can burn the calories from your strict diet. If the gym doesn’t have an appeal to you, you can opt instead for boxing, swimming, or even yoga sessions after your work.


In severe cases, liposuction may be recommended to remove the excessive fats on the skin and around your organs. This can be way costlier than sticking to your diet and exercise, though. If you’re worried about getting scars, you can also go for non-invasive liposuction procedures available in your local hospitals. Consult your own physician first before going to specialists on liposuction.

Bariatric Surgery

In cases of extreme obesity, bariatric surgery in Dubai may be necessary to fix a major weight problem. A portion of the stomach will be cut to likewise reduce food intake, though there are of course stringent screening processes before you get approved for bariatric surgery in Dubai.

As in most things, discipline is key in achieving your weight goal. You can track your progress and visit the experts in the best hospital in Dubai to better equip yourself with knowledge.

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