January 19, 2022


Dubai, UAE

What Kind of Tiles are Used at the Pool?

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Waterline pool tiles are very important for maintenance and aesthetics. They’re placed above the coping (or bottom of the pool). Usually installed in a six-inch wide band, waterline pool tiles follow the edge of the pool to help keep out pollutants, sunscreen, body products and other debris that get into the pool. The pool tiles don’t cover the entire pool, however. You’ll need to purchase a separate swimming pool liner.

  1. Non-slip brick tiles: are a popular choice for many pools. They’re strong and durable and make for a great pool floor. Because they aren’t made of glass, they tend to be slippery when wet. In addition, non-slip brick tiles do need to be occasionally resealed to keep them safe from slips and falls. The best way to do this is to apply a non-skid coating to the entire tile surface using a sealer such as silicon based.
  2. Glass-pool tiles: provide a beautiful backdrop for any pool, but can be more challenging to clean. While it’s possible to use regular brooms or cleaning brushes to clean the glass pool tiles in Dubai, there’s no substitute for a quality pool cleaner. The best way to get those tough stains off glass is to use a pool scraper, which is a specialized squeegee with a wire brush. Scrapping glass can be tricky, so it’s important to make sure you’re working with proper care. It’s best to not scrape too much of the protective coating off unless you absolutely have to, since any extra scrap will allow more dirt to seep into the design.
  3. Porcelain swimming pool tiles: typically require less maintenance than most other types of tile. However, if porcelain is scratched, stained or chipped, you may need to replace it. Porcelain is also more difficult to clean, since small amounts of dirt may be resistant to most cleaners, although there are special cleaners designed specifically for porcelain tiles. To see how best to maintain your porcelain tiles, bring them out to the pool on a sunny day and wipe them down with a mild soap and water solution. Don’t forget to rinse off any soap residue.

If a stain occurs on your new tiles in Dubai, the easiest solution is to apply a light coat of sealant directly to the affected area. This sealant will help prevent future stains, as well as making repairs more affordable in the long run. After you’ve given the tile a thorough cleaning and conditioning treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy your new pool tiles.

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