January 24, 2023


Dubai, UAE

Project management and what you can do with it

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There are countless managers out there who are found bad mouthing their profession – project management. Much of what they say about project management is rather negative, focused on the dark end of the profession that only the most experienced veterans who live to tell the tale get to talk about. But if truth be told, there are quite a few ‘cool’ things as well that you can benefit from by taking up a career in project management after doing management courses in Dubai. A few of these are:

  1. Project management = getting to interact with lots of interesting individuals

The first cool thing about project management is that it entails getting to work with lots of interesting people. As a project manager, you will work on various projects which may include small projects to be completed by your in-house team, or large projects that are to be worked upon by a globally dispersed team. No matter the case, you are going to work with several people involved, which is bound to make the job more interesting.

If you are the sort of person who enjoyed group time back in your school days, then you are sure to know how exciting being in a group can get. Instead of having to work on a project all by yourself, you get to be involved with many people, all with their own opinions and thoughts regarding the project.

  1. Benefit from your job’s learning curve

Project management involves working on diverse projects, all with their own challenges. This means that you will continually need to change your approach, and learn about cool stuff including new markets, customers, products and technology. As a project manager, you will frequently experience and learn about new things, thereby having a constantly evolving and growing career.

  1. Work directly with customers

No matter what all those finicky sales people have to say, interacting with customers is an extremely exciting part of project management. Yeah there’s always a chance that you will come across a few unpredictable and demanding customers, but the satisfaction of fulfilling the needs of a customer is one of the best things that project management will allow you to do.

  1. You get to be a ‘mini’ CEO

Being a project manager or taking a course at training centers in Dubai is literally going to train you for becoming a future CEO. The fact of the matter is that you will have immense responsibilities and face extensive pressure as part of your job. Many of the problems you face are going to be those faced by CEO’s on a regular basis. On the whole, you’ll literally be a mini CEO!

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