January 21, 2022


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4 Ways To Vandal-proof Your Security Cameras

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A top-notch security and monitoring system can help deter possible threats and identify culprits involved in a certain case. But as useful as they are, the system can also be subject to vandalism and damage. Should this happen, the system will be rendered useless and will make property owners more vulnerable to attacks and all kinds of security threats.

To prevent this from happening, you can follow these simple hacks and ensure that your system will not be vandalized and compromised:

  • Make sure it is out of reach

Your camera’s elevation is critical. Most of the time, criminals would either disable the camera by hitting them with a hard object (e.g. a baseball bat) or spraying them with paint. They can also disable the system by using a ladder and disconnecting the wires or simply changing the angle of the camera. This is quite easy for cameras installed in very low areas.


If your property has a very high ceiling, use it to your advantage. Burglars would have a hard time trying to disable it a certain height.


  • Placement and installation is crucial

If your property has a low ceiling, use your surroundings instead. Cleverly hide the cameras in places that are not too obvious. This would help you monitor your property in secret, without potential threats finding out where the cameras are placed. Doing so can also increase the chances of the perpetrators’ faces getting caught by the cameras. Talk with trusted CCTV camera installation companies in sharjah and ask them the best places to install your security cameras given the space limitations. They can give some tips and ideas on this aspect.

  • Use vandal-proof housing and casings

If you are keen on placing the CCTV cameras in plain sight to help potential threats second guess their moves, then you should be prepared for the eventuality of the equipment from being dismantled and disabled. Be sure to use vandal-proof casings on your security cameras. This would help not only in protecting your monitoring cameras from vandalism, but also from the harsh elements.


  • Replace the old ones

Old CCTV cameras are quite simple to install. But they are also very easy to disable. If you are still using an old monitoring system, it would be best to upgrade ASAP. Modern CCTV systems have vandal-proof mechanisms that can prolong their lifespan and protect them from threats.


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