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Indian Dishes to Serve Anytime of the Day

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Indian food in Dubai

Indian cuisine is definitely one of the most sought after dish on the dining table. Its unique taste captivates all people from across the globe. The combination of spices in every dish will surely enthral your taste buds. And the good news is you can serve it any time of the day. Another good news is, Indian dishes are now served everywhere. Indian food in Dubai restaurants are considered of the most popular among tourists and locals.

If you are planning on having a party with Indian food at any time of the day, let this article be your guide.

If you will be having a breakfast soirée, you can choose from a variety of Indian dishes. One of the most popular in the breakfast table is the idli. Idli is a staple in breakfast menu in Southern India. It is a rice cake made of lentil, and is soft and fluffy and definitely delicious. Another popular Indian food is Bhature which is a fried leavened Indian bread. This pastry is popular all over India and it is best served with chole or chickpeas.

Another popular pastry is the methi thepla. It is flatbread made of fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour. It can be served at any time of the day.

There are a lot of delicious in Indian dishes you can serve on lunchtime. One of the quintessential dishes that many people love is the chana kulcha. Chana Kulcha is a tangy dish made out of cumin and coriander powder, ginger, mango and carum powder. Rice is also popular in India and it is often serve with toppings and other dishes like the Keralan curry rice. Kerelan curry rice is a combination of potato and curry rice made with beans, lamb and coconut.

Indian food has a variety of snacks to entice the taste buds of your guests. If you have unexpected guests that arrive you can prepare a paneer pakora. Paneer paroka is quite easy to prepare.

For dinner, delight your guest with sweet appam. Appam is pancake that is made with a combination of fermented rice batter and coconut. It can be serve either breakfast or dinner. Luckily for those who are in Dubai, the best appam in Dubai is now being served in restaurants. You can either order it online or as a takeout dish to serve to your guest or as a traditional meal for your family.

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