September 19, 2021

Dubai’s Best Attractions for Tourists

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Dubai Best AttractionsThere are a lot of things to do in Dubai. People choose to stay for days, and even local residents enjoy sightseeing and trying out activities that test their limits. There are endless attractions to see, and every minute in one’s schedule can be spent doing a different activity. With your packed schedule, however, you need to choose the activities that will define your visit and make it a memorable experience. Here are some things to do while in Dubai:


Go on a Morning Desert Safari


One of the activities you cannot miss on your visit to Dubai is a morning desert safari. Though there are also evening tours, a Dubai morning desert safari is a good way to start your busy day. Marvel around the safari and have your photo taken in the middle of the desert. Go on a camel ride. Enjoy the food included in the tour and let loose with activities such as dune bashing. It’s certainly one activity to remember.


Visit Spice Markets


Dubai’s cuisine is known for its use of colorful and flavorful spices. If you’re a budding cook as well, your visit to Dubai should include checking different spice markets for the freshest and best tasting spices to give your own cooking that authentic Dubai taste. For casual adventurers, the different tastes in spice markets will surely entice you to taste all the different dishes of Dubai during your stay. Go ahead and take home a pound or two of your preferred powdered spices, as well.


Try the Street Food


Though Dubai is known for its tall skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, fine dining is just one of your options. You should not miss the street food on offer. Dubai has a taste worth remembering, and one way to really enjoy the local cuisine is by mingling with different tourists and trying food on the streets. Street food trucks are parked in strategic locations, making them easily accessible for adventurous eaters. Try the chicken shawarma, basmati rice and Assam curry. Dubai streets are also littered with cafes that serve cold brew and your favorite sandwiches.


A day in Dubai can be an interesting mix of fun, adventure, and good food. And because of the vibrancy of the city, you’re sure to get colorful photos along the way. Make the most of your stay by trying a variety of activities, from eating at luxury restaurants to visiting a desert safari in Dubai to commemorate the trip.

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