October 18, 2021


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Translation Jargons and Terms That You Need To Know

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When you are talking with a company that offers document and legal translation in Dubai, you might come across some terms that you are not familiar with. More often than not, you asked the translation company representative to explain these terms to you.

But learning some of the terms wouldn’t hurt and you will better understand what your translation company is talking about:

  • Certified translation

The term “certified translation” refers to a translated document that is checked to verify that the translation is correct and accurate based on the original text. Having the translated document go through this process would ensure that your translator did an excellent job on translating the files that you provided.


This is usually required when the files will be used of official business like the government and special contracts.


  • Target audience

In the translation industry, target audience would mean the intended reader. When you submit a document for translation, the translation company often view the readership as the general public. But by providing the specifications of the target audience, the translator would be able to narrow it down based on the specs and translate the document in accordance to the type of reader.


This is why it is important for clients to identify the intended audience for the document and provide these details to the translation company. It would give them a good sense of how the reader would interpret and read the translated text.


  • Technical translation

Technical translation refers to the special kind of translation job that often requires highly-specific and technical language. This is where the legal and medical translation falls. This kind of translation requires the skills of professionals that has in-depth knowledge on these industries. These translators are not only adept on translating different languages but also familiar with the terms and definitions of a particular industry.


  • Culturally Sensitive Content

There are instances when the translation are modified to make it more appropriate on the culture of the language it is being translated to and the target audience as well. This process of modification falls under the culturally sensitive content category. This is often being done on literary pieces that is being translated to different languages. There might be some languages that are not acceptable to some cultures and a modification becomes necessary.


  • Localization

This term is also related to the culturally sensitive content. Localized translation entails translators to interpret the message and make sure that it sound natural and culturally correct to the intended audience.


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