October 20, 2021


Dubai, UAE

The Five Most Common Types of Models

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Professional models can be found everywhere. They are on your magazines, your daily newspapers, the television, the radio, the supermarket, your kids’ book covers, the bottle of your favorite shampoo, and even on the thin sheet of photograph of a grandmother and a child that comes by default on that photo album you bought from the store. These models are hired to help sell a product, convince an audience, or to entertain event-goers. They can work as freelancers or be supervised under an agency.  Dubai Hostesses is one of the modeling agencies in Dubai. These agencies ensure that the models reach the minimum requirements of clients and assist them in booking modeling jobs.

There are more than a dozen types of models but the most common are editorial, print, runway, commercial, and promotional models.

Editorial Models

These are the professional models you see on the editorial sections of local and international fashion magazines. They promote clothing articles and accessories and are dressed up and made up according to a particular photo shoot theme which are usually about the current fashion styles and trends.

Print Models

Print models are those hired for print publications other than high fashion magazines. These publications include the newspapers, brochures, catalogs, billboards and other printed channels. This is the most in-demand type as the models showcase regular, daily living instead of edgy and trendy situations.

Runway Models

Think of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The winged ladies who strut that long platform in their lingerie are examples of runway models. There are very stringent rules and requirements for these types of models as they have to meet particular client criteria for specific shows. They also experience greater pressure as they have to walk real-time in front of a live audience. Tripping on their shoes or having their gowns stepped on while they are walking are some of their worst nightmares.

Commercial Models

This is a more general category of models. Print models can be under a commercial modeling contract. Commercial models are those who are hired to help sell a product or service through television advertisements, radio ads, website photos and videos and more. If you have high fashion models who get paid a hefty price for one gig, then you also have commercial models who don’t get paid that much for a gig, but gets a lot of gigs because of the high supply of jobs. Commercial models can join respectable agencies to get more bookings such as this events agency in Dubai.

Promotional Models

Promotional models are hired to help sell out products or services at certain locations or events. They are the models you see at trade shows, car shows, or conventions. While the height requirements (i.e. at least 5’9” for females and 5’1” for males) for this type of models is not strict, there are other characteristics that clients seek in them. Promo models have to be outgoing, friendly, and can communicate well with other people. This is because they have to talk about a certain product or service repeatedly during the event.

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