October 20, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Questions to Ask when Redesigning Your Workplace

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Are you looking to redesign your office to boost employee morale and revamp the look and feel of your workplace? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start to seek out the best fit out companies in Dubai:

Do I Want To Encourage Camaraderie and Transparency?

A lot of organizations these days are considering knocking out cubicles and walls to create more open spaces for their employees. Now-a-days, you will even see managers and top executives sitting in open areas, along with other employees. If you still want an element of partial privacy, you can consider using glass instead of solid walls, to provide plenty of opportunities for those “impromptu get-togethers.” Most company owners wish to portray an image of transparency to clients by making their employees sit out in the open. Team spirit can also be bolstered with an open design.

How Do I Grant Privacy to Clients When Necessary?
While the prospect of an open office design sounds appealing to a plethora of companies, you should still make sure that your employees are provided with spaces where they can simply have a private conversation or work quietly on individual tasks when necessary. Your office should have a blend of “we spaces” for group work and “me spaces” for individual work, since a lot of employees spend a significant chunk of their time in “focus mode”.  In addition to open spaces, privacy rooms should also be included in the design of your office to block out all visual distractions for employees.

How Much Space Do I Really Need?
In the past, office designers planned approximately 250 square feet per employee, including a walled workspace complete with a desk for personal items, such as any potted plants and framed pictures, and a computer. Recently, that number has plummeted down to 150 square feet. Walls have been knocked down and pictures are stored in each employee’s laptops and phones.

What If We Allow Work From Home?
Since employees have recently taken to working more and more from home, companies should take into consideration home office design as well. Ergonomics is an often overlooked issue when it comes to home office, despite its importance. The computer monitor needs to be properly positioned relative to your desk and chair height, to avert strain and stress on your eyes, shoulders, neck, and back. In order to reduce eye strain and alleviate glare, you need the right kind of lighting. You should try to help your employees design a better home workspace, probably with the help of credible fit out contractors in Dubai:

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