October 20, 2021


Dubai, UAE

Important Components That Businesses Posses Today

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Running a business is not a walk in the park. Business owners always have to make a balancing act to ensure that everything is moving forward. With only one mind that will do the thinking, it might be too much for some.

Which is why formulating a good strategy and employing the right team can help business owners grow and develop their business. If you are looking into jumping the business bandwagon, here are the important components that you need.

  • Enough capital and investment

With an idea in mind, you need a machinery to make this work and that machinery is capital and funding. There are several ways to get funding aside from using your own resources. Two of which is lending money from a bank or looking for an angel investor with solid alpha capital that believes in your vision. The latter might need some intensive negotiation and convincing but it is worth the try. When you get enough working capital, you will have the capability to start and run things.

  • A working system and processes

Every company needs a system to ensure that the work flow is seamless and efficient. Even before you start your business, you need to have an operational manual that shows how things should be done to achieve optimal result. Without a manual, there is a big chance that your company will not be able to deliver the service that you promise and the subordinates will be working blind. The next thing you know, chaos will ensue.

  • A team of planners and advisors

Planning is one of the most complicated aspect of business. If you set out a wrong one, expect things to go awry. Although business owners can do this by themselves, it would be best to get a team of experts that have knowledge in business planning. If you are doing some financial planning, having a team that is expert in alpha project management can help them identify trend and opportunities they can take advantage of.


  • A competent management team

Planner are different from the management team, although there might be some tasks that are overlapping. The management team focuses more on the implementation of the plan. Without them, no plan will ever come into fruition.  These people should possess exemplary management and leadership skills to be able to lead a team that would execute the directives set by the planners and top management.

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