January 21, 2022


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Essentials when Planning Your Little One’s First Birthday

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You can hardly believe it. It’s almost been a year since you gave birth to your little one. The days have gone by filled with joy and sleepless nights and days, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that your little bundle of joy is turning one, it’s time to start planning to make sure the event is a memorable and successful one.


Don’t forget about these essentials while planning:


Capture Your Baby Boy’s First Encounter with Cake

Baby boy cake smash photos are all over the internet, and they are a fun and adorable way to capture your baby’s first birthday. These photos don’t just involve cake smashing. Your child can be dressed in an adorable outfit, with his birthday streamers in the background, as he plays with his smash cake. Feel free to join in on the fun for a couple of shots, and let your baby boy make as much mess as he wants too, as long as he’s having fun.


Choose the Best Theme for the Birthday Celebration

At this point your child may already show a preference for a cartoon he likes watching, or there might be a favorite some he just can’t stop dancing to. There are also other party themes to choose from, such as an adorable nautical theme with your child as a small sailor, or a disney-themed event with your child as a character you adore. You can also photograph them in varying outfits, to give them that event they will be proud of years later. Check the gallery from http://www.splitsecond.ae/ to get some ideas.


Save an Impression of Your Baby’s Footprint

One fun and creative idea to commemorate your child’s first birthday is by using paint to get the impression of their footprint and turn it into art. Choose a color you prefer and cover the entire feet, then stamp it onto a canvas. Frame this and hang on a wall, possibly near your wedding photos. Some also gift these footprint stamps to the child’s grandmas. If you’re doing this in time for the birthday celebration, this could also be the party favor to give away.


Your baby’s first birthday doesn’t have to be extravagant. Celebrate the day however you want to, as long as you capture precious memories and see your child having fun. They may not understand what the occasion is for just yet, but it will surely be fun to look back at the event together when they’re older.

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